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The lenticular wind turbine proposes a simple and futuristic solution to exploit at best the renewable energies.
This innovation is the result of a long research work in the field of the wind energy and in the study of the characteristics of all the sensors of wind conceived this day.
The lenticular wind turbine is endowed with two independent turbines and with a system of constant management of the airflow which crosses her to offer always the maximal power according to the wind speed.
Her shape in open lens on each side confers her the best penetration in the air while allowing her to get a big volume of air.
This technology exploits a very wide range of wind going of the lowest in most hardly without must be hurt or stopped.
The absence of mobile parts outside allows to stack several wind turbines on the same mast and so to increase in a important way the ratio of power by unit of volume, it also eliminates the noise and visual pollutions as well as the risks of collision with birds, helicopters, planes, etc...
The solar energy brings an gain of additional power thanks to the addition of panels (or paint) photovoltaic.
The version marine turbine allows to exploit the energy of sea currents while keeping the same principle of functioning.
To facilitate their assemblies and reduce maintenance costs, the wind turbine can have come down along its mast up to the ground and the marine turbine can have gone back raised over the surface of the water.
spdr Futurizon invented a lenticular wind turbine ultra powerful
For the wind turbine the possibilities of use are important, here are some examples and ideas with panels solar energy:
Supply in energy of a house, of a company, of a tower or a border of recharging for battery driven vehicles but also of a camping, on a ground, in a garden, in full desert, at sea, on an island, etc...
Futurizon invented a lenticular wind turbine ultra powerful
This diagram allows to understand the functioning of the present system in the wind turbine by showing the link which there is between the main elements which allow to produce some energy. He doesn't show the shape nor the real arrangement of every element.
The speed of the airflow which circulates in the turbine(T) is measured by a sensor situated at the exit of the zone E and by a sensor situated in the entry of the zone S. The controller(C) receives the information of these two sensors as well as the rotation speed of the turbine then he acts on the regulator(R) of speed to increase or reduce the intensity of against torque of the generator(G) which receives the turbine. The variation of it against torque will oblige the turbine to adapt its rotation speed and so the ratio between the speed of the airflow and the rotation speed of the turbine will always be the same to obtain the maximal power to be transmitted in the generator according to the wind speed. When the wind stops blowing, the controller takes into account the slowness of the turbine and the generator to keep their movement longer by acting only on the regulator.
spdr Futurizon invented a lenticular wind turbine ultra powerful
Futurizon invented a lenticular wind turbine ultra powerful spga The rotation of turbines creates a gyroscopic effect which allows to return the perfectly stable wind turbine by all the winds.
The orientation of the wind turbine obtains by a mechanism which depends on an information transmitted by both controllers. An equality of this two information will define a precise orientation.
The principle of functioning of the lenticular wind turbine allows to have a major power in a reduced volume.
On this drawing, every set has the same power. For example for a wind turbine with propeller 100 meters in diameter, the lenticular wind turbine will be 40 meter in diameter if it is alone on the mast and of 20 meters if we stack identical four on the same mast. This difference of size is due to the fact that the lenticular wind turbine manages itself the airflow which passes in turbines and especially that it is permanently for the possible maximal power for every type of wind. Her management of the airflow which crosses gives her freedom to be autonomous and very reactive.
The options with solar energy and marine turbine are not taken into account for this comparative degree.
For the big diameters, the assembly of the wind turbine on a mast is very easily made. A truck brings a part of the wind turbine at the foot of the mast and then this part will be put in position on the bottom of the mast thanks to a crane. The second part comes to be set up in the same way then the set is raised along the mast thanks to a system of lifting. The wind turbine is then fixed to the mast before being removed from the system of lifting. It will be so possible to raise other wind turbines on the same mast. According to the diameter of the wind turbine, the means of transportation must be adapted and the wind turbine can be delivered in several parts.
For the wind turbine at sea or the marine turbine the mounting will be made in the same way, a boat will bring the various parts then the wind turbine will be raised at the top of the mast whereas the marine turbine will have come down under the water.
Futurizon invented a lenticular wind turbine ultra powerful
About are their size, the wind turbine and the marine turbine can be various colors.
Example with the following eight colors on the wind turbine:
Futurizon invented a lenticular wind turbine ultra powerful
In conclusion, the lenticular wind turbine offers a simple and effective solution to produce some energy. She allows to group several sources of energy on the same support and to be easily installed wherever. His futuristic aspect adapts itself to all the environments and will be perfectly in accordance with the urban design of tomorrow even with its night lighting.
Futurizon invented a lenticular wind turbine ultra powerful
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